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The proposal is that each production company or television channel attending the convention contributes between 2 and 4 productions free of charge and without incurring broadcast or distribution royalties.

These productions should be recorded on a DVD and be accompanied by a specification of the following details, from which a list would then be drawn up:

  • Name of production company/channel
  • Country and city of origin
  • System (PAL, NTSC, SECAM)
  • Name of programme and genre
  • Duration
  • Brief summary of content
  • Language

(In fact, the specification should be sent beforehand to enable the list to be drawn up.)

This will enable the convention to commence with an opportunity to create a bank of programmes that are freely available to all those attending. Aside from constituting a gesture of solidarity, this initiative would also function as an exchange whereby we would all be able to learn about the work of other production companies and channels.

This could be the starting point for establishing agreements and strategic alliances between all of us.

The production companies and channels should bring two copies of each product, one copy of which would be kept by the PCSC for the programme bank, while the other could go to an exchange desk where each production company or channel that contributes a particular number of productions can take away an identical number of productions of their choice.

The cost of producing and copying the DVD is minimal when one considers the advantages that the exchange could bring.

Subsequently, it would be necessary to devise a system for regulating use of the programme bank by production companies.

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